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کانال خرید و فروش پرنده

The vicious progeny of Al Saud does not deserve to oversee the Hajj

    Nonetheless, their hands are dirty with the blood of our martyrs in Mina.5;">I hope that Allah the Exalted makes the people of Iran dearer and more honorable on a daily basis. Well, Yemen is an Arab country. Well, someone is killed, hanged or imprisoned in a country based on certain accusations and you witness that organizations in charge of human rights make a fuss about it. The passage of time has not wiped out from our chests and our hearts the significance of that event and the sorrow that it involves. The Islamic Ummah grieved over that incident on a large scale.

    In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

    But what can calm your hearts is that although these dear ones of yours passed away and although their loss is difficult for you, they are rolling in divine blessings, God willing. All martyrs are like this.5;">The truth is that those who showed that kind of incompetence and who forced that insecurity on the pilgrims of the world of Islam – who gather in that place once a year – do not really deserve to manage the Two Holy Mosques. Although one year has passed from that incident, certain interviews have been made, some photos have been taken and certain documents and papers exist which can clarify the truth to a great extent. Such deaths are really a cause of disaster and difficulty for their owners. You are mournful and suffering a loss. It is because of their support that they do such things. This is one dimension of the issue.5;">The people of Iran have raised the flag of independence.5;">Greetings be upon you and Allah’s mercy

. They should go, see things up close and investigate the issue no matter how long it takes. They should go and clarify the truth.

Another important point is that propaganda machines and – in fact – spy apparatuses of the west and the like are trying to portray this as a quarrel between Islamic nations, between Shia and Sunni, and between Arabs and non-Arabs.5;">Well, for us people of Iran and perhaps for the families of martyrs in other countries, that event is a sad event. The issue is that they are an intra-Islamic group which is busy working as the enemy of the Islamic Ummah. The Americans were not present locally on the issue of Mina. It is very difficult for you.5;">Why did governments, families and nations in other countries not react to that incident? What is this great disaster that has engulfed the Islamic Ummah? This is a great disaster! Governments suffer from a political consideration. I will tell you that the loss of your dear ones – including those who lost their fathers and mothers, those who lost their children in that event, those who lost their spouse, those who lost their sisters and brothers – is naturally a heavy and very difficult incident. But why are their scholars quiet? Why did their ulama not speak? Why did their political activists not speak? Why did their intellectuals not write essays, complain and speak?

One dimension is related to you families and relatives. I hope that God helps us so that all of us can fulfill our duties, God willing.5;">Another dimension of the issue is related to one’s outlook towards those in the world that make extravagant claims about human rights. Naturally, they do not protest and we do not have many expectations of them considering the condition that governments unfortunately have. This is one of their propaganda tricks, which is of course completely untrue.

The world of Islam should stand up against them. This sadness is natural and inevitable. It is their support that causes these brazen and shameless individuals to show such treachery and to stab the heart of the Islamic Ummah in a treacherous manner.5;">We should shed more tears and be sad for ourselves more than we are for those who are enjoying divine mercy and who are embracing divine blessings and divine grace, God willing. We felt happy that they would go among Muslims from other countries and perform the hajj obligations. This is not a quarrel between Shia and Sunni. The world of Islam should express their hatred of them and of their masters, namely America, nasty England and faithless and immoral western powers.5;">Those who pin their hopes on international organizations and associations should see this reality. This is a very hard thing. They should attend to this task in a serious manner, as they have attended to many of these tasks until today.5;">Another dimension of the issue is that we should know that in the incident of Mina and in similar incidents, powers supporting the House of Saud have a share as well. However, the issue is much wider in scope and it has various dimensions.5;">Of course, other countries did not have as many martyrs as we did, but 100, 200 individuals were martyred from countries like Egypt, Mali, Nigeria and other countries. It was their responsibility to ensure their safety. Their agents – those terrorist, murderous and cold-hearted groups who are creating all these disasters in the world of Islam with their money and their weapons – are all Arabs.5;">Besides, they endured difficulties. These are things that cause a pain in our hearts. It is a great issue which is not related to one group and one nation, but which is related to the Islamic nation, to the people of Iran and – on a larger scale – to the Islamic Ummah. It is with their support that they can do so [audience chants “Death to America”]. That event is very difficult for all the people – for those who really understand and can feel that event. They say that they are not at fault. 

Similarly, if the world of Islam is harmed on the issue of Yemen and on different other issues in the world of Islam – on the issue of Syria and on the issue of Iraq – the Americans are the accomplices.5;">When I said that this event should not be forgotten, this was not merely because of the loss of our dear ones, rather the event is very important in itself. They left this world with hearts oriented towards Allah the Exalted and while they were performing their obligations.5;">All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and peace and greetings be upon our Master Muhammad and upon his immaculate household. Some people die committing sins, some die living their ordinary lives and some die showing ungratefulness to God. It is enlightening in political, social, moral and religious terms. We are sad about that event.

Both government officials and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and others should do so. However, several thousand individuals roll in blood and dirt in such incidents and they say nothing! Instead, they lapse into utter silence! And this was not an accident or an airplane crash, rather it was an incident in which some people were responsible. When I compare, I understand the greatness and heaviness of your sorrow. Lack of sensitivity in the face of an event of this greatness – which occurred in God’s House and next to the divine sanctuary – is a disaster for the world of Islam. They were under pressure, whether those who were in the sun or those who were in those hot and scorching containers with thirsty lips. And it is you people of Iran that have created the power and the courage to speak the truth and to present the facts in the face of a dark and ignorant world. Both the honorable Foundation of Martyrs and the organizations in charge of hajj affairs –Be’the and the Hajj Organization – should pursue their duties towards this important issue. We cannot have many expectations of them, but why did outstanding personalities not speak? Why did they remain silent? For the world of Islam, this is the main disaster and calamity.

The Evil and Cursed Ale Saud Dynasty Does Not Have the Competence to be Custodians of the Two Holy Mosques

Saudi rulers did not even offer a verbal apology to the world of Islam! How brazen and shameless they are! Did the negligence, injudiciousness and incompetence that they showed- now some people say that they did this on purpose, but even if they had not done it on purpose, the essence of this injuriousness and incompetence is a crime for a governmental and political system! How could you not handle that? How could you not guarantee the safety of those groups of people who were the guests of God the Beneficent despite the fact that you pocket so much money and raise your standing from that region? Is there any guarantee that similar events will not occur at similar times? This is a big question. You have lost your children, your spouse, your parents and your brothers and sisters. It is a very difficult thing. However, some individuals die while they are engaging in divine dhikr. Well, the heads of countries are involved in political equations and equations of power. So, the issue is not about Arabs and non-Arabs.5;">This malicious and cursed dynasty shuts mouths with money! These servants of money and these servants of the materialistic world do not allow anyone to speak and to make a complaint against them! A truth-seeking delegation is necessary. They do not have the competence to serve the Two Holy Mosques! This is the truth of the matter. However, some departures occur in a way that we become happy and joyous if we take a realistic look. The truth of the matter should become clear so that people know if they are at fault or not. I hope that the honorable officials of our country – who have had and continue to have certain duties towards this great event – pursue those duties. They endured the last hours of their lives under the scorching hot sun.5;">You witness that they commit crimes in Yemen.

The world of Islam should ask them to answer for this! It should question them about this. In our own country, there are a large number of Sunni families [whose dear ones were martyred in Mina]. They left this world wearing the clothes of ihram. All of these are things that attract divine mercy.

One of the necessary and urgent tasks that falls on the shoulders of officials of the Islamic Ummah and those who make claims about human rights is to appoint a truth-seeking delegation on this issue
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